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Why You Should Never Ignore Pelvic Pain

Have you noticed pain or discomfort in your pelvic area that doesn’t feel like your usual menstrual cramps? Whether your symptoms are acute or chronic, they could be a sign of a serious medical issue. Keep reading to learn more.

Oct 8th, 2020
How a Hysteroscopy Can See and Solve Problems

Some conditions that affect the uterus require visual examination or tissue biopsy to confirm a diagnosis. The hysteroscopy procedure uses a special scope to permit visual inspection of and tissue removal from the uterus.

Sep 1st, 2020
Why More and More Women Are Choosing the IUD

Though the birth control pill is still one of the most popular contraceptive methods, more and more women are choosing the intrauterine device (IUD). Click here to learn more about the IUD and why so many women prefer it over other methods.

Aug 13th, 2020
The Top Menopausal Symptoms and How to Treat Them

Every woman will go through menopause. During this time, you might experience hot flashes, mood shifts, and even weight gain. With a range of treatments provided by your doctor, combined with sound self-care, you can find real relief during menopause.

Jul 27th, 2020